Towerkill Science Issues & Topics
Towerkill Bibliography
A listing of the seminal bibliographies of historic towerkill events and literature.
Classic Towerkill Documents & Recent Literature
A listing of some of the important classical papers on the towerkill phenomenon along with significant recent studies.
Towerkill Mechanisms
A brief overview of current knowledge about the towerkill phenomenon along some basic theories on why birds are killed at communications towers.
Towerkill Workshop
Transcripts from the first national (USA) meeting addressing the issue of bird mortality at communications towers. A remarkable workshop sponsored by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the Ornithological Council, and the American Bird Conservancy held at the 119th meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union, Cornell University - August 11th, 1999. The meeting brought together leading scientists and policy experts, representatives of the communications industry, as well as the three US governmental agencies involved in the issue - the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Fish & Wildlife Service.
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